GRE Prep and GMAT Prep courses

Lifelong Learning offers both GRE Prep and GMAT Prep courses.  Two sections of GRE Prep are offered during the spring semester, with a third session occurring during the summer.  There is one section offered for GMAT Prep, which begins in mid-March.


To obtain more detailed information on the GRE or GMAT Prep courses offered, please visit our website at (click on the picture of the Spring 2013 catalog cover).  GRE and GMAT courses can be found under the “Test Prep” category.  Students may register with a credit card online or by phone (812-855-9335).  If they wish to use their Bursar Billing account, they can email or phone 812-855-9335 to request a Bursar Billing Authorization Form (the bursar billing option is not available online).

You may phone our office or email if you have questions.




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If you need to withdraw from a course, your fee is refundable only if you contact the IU Lifelong Learning office at 812-855-9335 AT LEAST THREE (3) FULL BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE the first class session.


IU Lifelong Learning reserves the right to make corrections, additions, or deletions to all courses.  We also reserve the right to substitute instructors.