osea Field Study Abroad 2013

Remember to consult the IU Office of Overseas Study if you decide to take advantage of any of these overseas study opportunities:


osea Field Study Abroad 2013
Ethnography Field School, 7 weeks 8 credits.
Ideal for students seeking comprehensive training in ethnographic methods with cultural immersion in Mexico. Participants design and conduct independent field research on topics of their choosing such as tourism, global youth culture, heritage, sustainable community. June 9-July 27
Maya Health and Healing, 4 weeks 6 credits
Intensive course in medical anthropology “shadowing” midwifes, bone-setters, spiritualists, herbalists, allopathic doctors in rural clinics, and other specialists of non-invasive surgery. Ideal for medical anthropologists and Pre-Med students interested in social medicine. Choice of two sessions: (A) Jun 9 to July 6 and (B) June 30 to July 27.
Teaching English Community Action Research, 6 weeks 8 credits
Participants become English teachers for Maya children and Ethnographers in a community action research project that uses Maya folklore and heritage as the content of language learning. Participate in Maya cultural revitalization. June 23-Aug 2
Intensive Maya Language Immersion, 6 weeks 8 credits,
A six week intensive course focused entirely on Maya language and culture. Ideal for advanced students seeking rigorous training in total immersion context. FLAS eligible.
osea courses are accredited through its partner the Facultad de Antropología of the Universidad Autónoma de YucatánVisit www.osea-cite.org