Noyce Scholarships for science teachers

IU Science Majors

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The Indiana University Bloomington College of Arts and Science and the School of Education have received funding under the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program of the National Science Foundation. The funding will allow qualified science students and professionals to pursue initial licensure to teach science at the middle and secondary levels with financial assistance from the program. Program support has been recently increased to $7,500 per semester for 3–4 semesters depending on which licensure program the applicant has applied. Program participants will be required to teach either two or three years in a “high needs school district” after they complete their licensure program to fulfill the terms of the scholarship.

Who’s eligible
Three pathways are open for initial teacher licensure and possible support by a Noyce Scholarship.

1. Students who are currently pursuing Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, or Environmental Science B.S. degrees on the IUB campus and who have completed at least 90 credit hours are eligible to apply to the new Joint B.S./M.S. program. By extending their studies one additional year, students can receive a B.S. in their science major, an M.S. in Secondary Education and recommendation for initial licensure. Visit the program website for more details.

2. Students who have completed a B.A. or B.S. in any of the majors listed above (or closely related majors) at any accredited undergraduate school may apply to the Secondary Transition to Teaching (ST2T) or the Community of Teachers (COT) programs Admitted students would be eligible to apply for Noyce Scholarship support.

3. Professionals in science and engineering fields that hold undergraduate degrees in their discipline are also eligible to apply to the ST2T or COT programs and be considered for Noyce Scholarship Support.

For more information about the Noyce Scholarship Program please visit the project website or contact
Ms. Cathy Smith • Wright Education, room 2110 • (812) 856-8210