HPER-H317 “Topical Seminar in Health Education: Developmental Disabilities: Causes/Prevention”

The Department of Applied Health Science is offering an excellent second eight week course that still has plenty of seats left. If you are looking for a class to add for your second eight weeks, HPER-H317 “Topical Seminar in Health Education: Developmental Disabilities: Causes/Prevention” is a great one to check out! Please see below for further details:




30436 05:45P-08:15P TR JH A100 Rhine S

TOPIC : Developmental Disabilities: Causes & Prevention

Open to Sophomore, Juniors, or Seniors only

This course is an introductory evaluation of genetic (chromosomal, monogenic and polygenic) and acquired (environmental: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, infections, nutrition, obesity, fertility, teenage parents) causes of low birth weight and disabilities present at birth; with a special emphasis on early identification of high risk families and means available for prevention via education and intervention and correction.

Course topics include human embryology and developmental, chromosome biology and chromosomal disabilities, and how to prevent acquired disabilities. This course incorporates lectures, special guest speakers which include presentations by parents of a child with a developmental disability, a family with a multigenerational dominant gene condition, and a professional genetic counselor with practical case studies.


Students will complete assignments that deal with karyotyping and chromosome syndromes, OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) and monogenic syndrome, and a personal family pedigree analysis. Instructor Sam Rhine is has taught this class every summer in the Department of Applied Health Science, as a workshop, since 1994. IUB is the only university in the US that has a class focusing on the causes, prevention and correction of developmental disabilities. Rhine was selected the top biology teacher in the country in 1997 by the National Association of Biology Teachers and in 2007 was awarded the ‘Distinguished Hoosier Scholar Award’ for outstanding contributions to Science Education in Indiana by the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers – an award that has only been presented three times in the 75 year history of the organization.