Pathways to Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School

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Pathways to Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School

A presentation brought to you by recent IU graduates:


Hena Ahmed

Harvard Medical School, MS1

Indiana University ’12


Erik Stegemiller

Yale Law School, L1

Indiana University, ’12


Date: March 22nd


Time: 3:30 PM


Location:  Ballantine Hall 310


Are you interested in attending medical school or law school? Interested in applying to your dream school but not sure what it takes to get there? Two recent IU alumni will be presenting on their experiences from IU to Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School. According to U.S. News & World Report, Harvard Medical School is the #1 medical school (in research rankings) and Yale Law School is the #1 law school in the U.S. We hope to get students started in exploring pathways from IU to many of the top institutions in the country for medical school and law school.


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