BioL211 UTA Positions for Fall 2013


Dr. Bettina Niner Kehoe will be teaching BioL211 on MWF from 9:05-9:55 a.m.Fall semester 2013 in place of Dr. Dean Rowe-Magnus.   (My husband, Dr. David Kehoe, will be teaching the TR BioL211 class.)

In addition to the MWF lectures, enrolled students must attend a one-hour learning group each week.  These learning groups will be run by undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs). It is in these small, interactive group settings that students can really ask questions about the course material.


Interested future UTAs who have already taken BioL211 and received an “A” should contact Dr. Bettina Niner Kehoe directly ( Please note:  UTAs must attend all lectures.