CHEM N330 or C118 Requirement

If you started at IUB Summer of 2012 or later you can ignore this post as you are not required to take N330/C118 to complete a Biology degree (this is different from professional school requirements).

If you have taken (or are taking) C118 or N330 or C106/126 and earned (will earn) a C- or better, you can ignore this post as well.

Everyone else please follow the steps below carefully.

For biology & microbiology students who started at IUB prior to Summer 2012 (last summer), CHEM N330 or C118 is still a requirement UNLESS you have asked an advisor to update your degree to new requirements.

If you have requested to be updated to current requirements please verify that N330/C118 is no longer a degree requirement by checking your Academic Advisement Report.

Step 1: Check your AAR

A link to OneStart is here: (Student Center > My Academics and Grades > Advising box (first one on left) > View My Advisement Report).

Step 2:  Determine if N330/C118 is a requirement for you

You will need to scroll down in the AAR document, the N330/C118 requirement is toward the bottom of the Biology/Microbiology degree block.

Step 3: Contact the advising office if needed

If you find that C118/N330 is a requirement and you would like to have the N330/C118 requirement removed please send a request to be updated to current requirements to


Even if you think you might take N330/C118 in the future we would advise you to update to current requirements just in case you have a change of heart about your career path. If you are updated to current requirements, it will mean that N330/C118 is not required for your Biology degree, but you may still take the course if you like.

After May 2, 2013 the degree requirements for the College and the Biology major/degree will change drastically. If you don’t want to take CHEM C118/N330, you should update your degree now.  If you wait to update, the new changes in Summer 2013 will affect you!

If you have any questions about this or you want to update your degree please email Remember, we have to hear from you SOON in order to update your record before May 2, 2013!