Biotechnology courses – Spring 2014

Biotechnology would like to make sure biology students know about some of the Spring 2014 offerings that may be of interest. If you have any questions about these courses, you can contact Malia Jackson, the Biotechnology advisor, at You can see the full list of spring Biotech courses through the Registrar’s Course browser, but we wanted to highlight a few in particular:


BIOT-T 301 (1 cr): A seminar class with outside speakers from the biotechnology industry that will provide insight into research developments, career opportunities, and internship possibilities. A fantastic opportunity to network!


BIOT-T 322 (3 cr): (P: composition plus one of BIOL-L 211, BIOL-M 255, or CHEM-C 343) This class fulfills the Intensive Writing requirement and is ideal for students interested in learning how to write industrial-style documents, such as standard operating procedures and study protocols.


BIOT-T 415 (3 cr), Theory and Application of Biotechnology Lab I, and BIOT-T 425 (3 cr), Lab in Macromolecules, are lab classes that may count toward upper level lab requirements for your degree—check with your biology advisor!