Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship Available: BIOL L104


Please consider applying for a U.T.A. position with Biol L104- Biology of the Senses during Spring 2014.

Details on undergraduate teaching assistantships and the application process are at http://www.indiana.edu/~bioweb/undergraduate/opportunities/teaching/index.shtml

Biology of the Senses in a non-majors course that covers basic nervous system function and sensory systems in humans and other vertebrates.  It’s a fascinating topic and a fun course, and you’ll learn about both biology and teaching through the internship.  Note that you do not have to have taken Biol L104 to be an undergraduate teaching assistant for this course – I’m looking for someone with a strong general biology background, good work habits, enthusiasm, and good communication skills.

Please contact Dr. Laura Mojonnier (laumojon@indiana.edu, 855-6347) with any questions, and/ or your application.