HPPLC DEADLINE for sending LOR this semester is December 13!!

This message is for any student who has a HPPLC letter of recommendation file and who is considering sending out letters (LOR) before the end of the fall semester.


The deadline for requesting that your letters be sent is 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 13. 


If you fail to meet the deadline, we will still TRY to get your letters out by the end of the semester (!!), but there is NO GUARANTEE and your letters might not be sent until after winter break.


NOTE:  Requests cannot be made before all letters AND forms are signed and IN YOUR FILE when the request is made! 


The service does not automatically send out your letters.  You must submit a signed “Request for Letters to be Sent” form, either in person or by fax.  We canNOT take requests by e-mail or telephone.  The form is attached, is available in our office and is on the HPPLC website at http://hpplc.indiana.edu/pdf/rs/Request%20for%20Recommendations%20to%20be%20Sent.pdf. You may fax it here at 812.856.2770 (please follow-up any fax with a phone call to make sure it was properly transmitted).


For Law School applicants, you will ALSO need to have a Law School Admission Council LOR form in your file—one for each letter!  These can only be printed by you from your Credential Assembly Service account (this form does not have to be signed by the writer).  Instructions on how to do this are available from HPPLC.  Just reply to this email if you need them.

**To make sure that your recommendation packets will be sent before winter break, REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE HPPLC OFFICE BY 4:00 p.m. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13. 


Fine print:


  1. You CANNOT request to send a letter until it has arrived in your file.  WE CANNOT HOLD REQUESTS PENDING THE FUTURE RECEIPT OF LETTERS, WAIVER FORMS, OR SIGNATURES!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you submit a request before your file is complete it will be considered VOID and will not be processed.  You may confirm with the receptionist that your file is complete before submitting your request.
  2. We will attempt to send requests that arrive after the deadline, but will not guarantee it. Thus it is possible that requests submitted after December 13 may not be sent until the start of next semester.
  3. Please, DO NOT suddenly tell your writers that letters must be here by the 13th!  That’s not fair (and might be resented) – unless you have been waiting for several weeks already. They normally expect (and deserve) at least 3-4 weeks’ notice.
  1. Keep in mind that admission officials take a winter break as well.  Not much will happen in most admissions offices during the last two weeks of December!
  2. Note:  HPPLC will be on reduced hours during the December holidays. Stay tuned to this listserv for details.



Thank you!!


Health Professions and Prelaw Center

Maxwell 010

Indiana University Bloomington

(812) 855-1873