New Opportunities for BIOL-B300 Vascular Plants

The enrollment limits for BIOL-B300 were increased today because the lecture section (M&W 11:15 am-12:05 pm) will now be held in the Collaborative Learning Studio in Student Building 015 (


This innovative alternative to traditional lecture halls is well suited for B300.  Although the subject matter of B300 is an evolutionary survey of vascular plants (which are all land plants except for mosses, liverworts, and hornworts; see, the primary goal is to develop a set of intellectual skills that enable people to systematically learn and synthesize a large body of information.  These skills are very useful for people pursuing medicine, dentistry, optometry, law, graduate studies in biology, or any other profession that requires quick learning and permanent command of a body of knowledge.


Also new this year is an extra credit option for environmental management.  The B300 field trip to collect and identify spring wildflowers is a perennial favorite, but natural areas throughout Indiana are under threat from invasive plant species.  This voluntary extra credit option allows participants to help manage the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve in collaboration with the City of Bloomington.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about this course.






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