Coral Reef Internship in Tropical Marine Conservation

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute and Rutgers University are opening enrollment for their Coral Reef Internship in Tropical Marine Conservation in Little Cayman, Cayman Islands. The program is aimed at undergraduate students who want to develop their marine fieldwork skills on pristine coral reef ecosystems.

Participants will gain experience in:

  • Caribbean species identification of coral, fish, algae, and invertebrates
  • Lionfish dissection and measurement, and experience with community management efforts
  • Water quality sampling and analysis
  • Independent research project development
  • Scuba diving (if certified prior to program)

The Cayman Islands are famed for their exceptional wall diving and visibility, but the reefs on Little Cayman are particularly untouched — over half of the coastline is protected, and a small yet invested population results in low environmental impact and high commitment to conservation. Students will live at the Little Cayman Research Centre, where they will work with researchers on projects relating to lionfish invasion, effects of climate change on coral reefs, and reef monitoring. Lectures on coral reef ecology, management, and global environmental challenges will be integrated with field activities.

Participants will also develop their own research topic, and are encouraged to continue this as part of a thesis or further study. Scuba certification is suggested, but not mandatory. The project offers 4 credits through Rutgers University; contact the IU Bloomington Office of Overseas Study to see whether these credits could transfer to IUB.

The program runs from June 14th to July 2nd, and applications are due by March 1st. For more information, please visit the Rutgers website below, or view the program flyer. Please contact Tom Quigley, Education and Programme Coordinator for CCMI, with any questions at

Please share with students or educators who may be interested!

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Thomas Quigley

Education and Programme Coordinator

Central Caribbean Marine Institute

Little Cayman Research Centre

PO Box 37, Little Cayman, KY3-2501

Phone: (345) 948 1094