Call for Submissions (Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference)!



The submission deadline for the 6th annual Midwest Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference is SATURDAY, MARCH 1!  We will be accepting submissions starting February 8.

 This conference is organized to provide undergraduate cognitive scientists with an opportunity to present their research to their peers from across the Midwest.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Olaf Sporns as our keynote speaker this year. Dr. Olaf Sporns is a Provost Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University with a focus in computational cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Sporns is well known for his work with the Human Connectome Project.

Abstracts should be between 150-300 words, and potential topics span the full breadth of cognitive science. Many students have taken this as an opportunity to further develop a project they have started in a course, or to receive feedback on independent research.

Undergraduate students who wish to present a poster or talk can submit their abstracts through a form on the submissions page on the MUCSC website ( 

The conference will be held at the Bloomington, IN campus of Indiana University on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12, 2014. 


Undergraduates are invited to submit their research projects as a 15 minute talk or a poster through the online submission form at We encourage submissions from a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, economics, criminal justice, informatics, anthropology, and the humanities. The aim of the conference is to provide a venue for young, aspiring cognitive scientists to share their work with both peers and senior faculty, and to foster relationships among undergraduates throughout the Midwest region.


Everyone interested in Cognitive Science, regardless of age, is encouraged to register to attend the conference at Lunch will be catered, and we want to make sure there’s enough for everyone!  


Please e-mail: for more information.