Anthropology A211: The Genetic Science of CSI

2nd-8-week Spring 2014 Session (course #37196) M/W 5:45-8:00pm
Instructor: Dr. Frederika Kaestle (
Carries N&M Credit

Need N&M Credit? Obsessed with CSI? Want to know the science behind the forensic genetics on these popular shows? Where are you leaving your DNA? What can I tell about you from your DNA (skin color, hair color, eye color, height, disease, ancestry….)? How likely is it that your DNA will falsely implicate you in a crime? Will your next speeding citation include being swabbed for a genetic sample? Is OJ guilty? Who is buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Is there really tiger bone in that love potion? Was that sushi you just ate really tuna? These and many other questions will be addressed in this course.

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ESTEEM Program Information Session.

Over 80% of High-Tech Startups Fail.
At ESTEEM We Are Committed to Beating Those Odds
Find Out How
Information Session
Memorial Student Union
Sassafras Room
Thursday, February 20
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Featuring David Murphy
Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship & Director of the ESTEEM Program

Interested in biology and how it may translate into a future business? How about the advent of nanotechnology and its promise in pharmaceuticals? Passionate about the environment and the impact you can make promoting a cleaner more verdant future for generations to come? Then the ESTEEM Program is right for you.

The ESTEEM Program is an 11-month professional Master’s Program with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

The ESTEEM Graduate Program was developed as a joint program of the College of Science, College of Engineering and Mendoza College of Business. It is designed to provide Science and Engineering gradu-ates the skills required to take ideas all the way from concept to market.

Parents Fund Internship Housing Grant

Deadline to apply: March 31, 2014

The Indiana University Parents Fund has donated $50,000 to assist with housing expenses for students participating in unpaid summer internships. Qualified students may receive up to $3,000 in grant funding for summer 2014 internships to help with rent and utilities expenses.

To learn more, visit

Funding Study Abroad Workshop

Students can attend one of two workshops to learn about funding options for study abroad, including campus and national scholarships. In addition to planning academically, students should plan financially for their study abroad experience.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 19
Time: 5-6 p.m.
Location: Leo R. Dowling International Center, 106 (Nugent Meeting Room)

Date: Thursday, Feb. 27
Time: 5-6 p.m.
Location: Leo R. Dowling International Center, 106 (Nugent Meeting Room)