You’re invited to public lectures by 4 finalists for Kinsey Institute Director

Indiana University’s famed Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction has been in search of a new director during this academic year. The committee has now identified four excellent finalists.

Each of the candidates will be presenting a public lecture on campus, and faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to attend as many of the presentations as possible. Following each presentation, you are invited to meet the candidates at a reception in the Maurer School of Law Faculty Lounge, Room 310.

The four Kinsey director candidates are:

  • Professor C. Sue Carter: Dr. Carter is Professor of Psychiatry at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a Visiting Research Professor at Northeastern University in Boston. She also has been a professor of psychiatry and co-director of the Brain-Body Center at the University of Illinois, Chicago.
  • Professor J. Dennis  Fortenberry:  Dr. Fortenberry is Professor of Pediatrics at the IU School of Medicine as  well as a core faculty member of IU’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion  and a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute.
  • Dr. Debby Herbenick: Dr. Herbenick is co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion in the School of Public Health-Bloomington and an Associate Research Scientist in the School of Public Health’s Department of Applied Health Science. She is also a Sexual Health Educator for The Kinsey Institute’s Kinsey  Confidential website and a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute.
  • Professor Deborah L. Tolman: Dr. Tolman is Professor of Social Welfare and Psychology at the Hunter  College of Social Work and the Graduate Center at City University of New York and co-founder of SPARK (Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge). She recently led an editorial team and more than 80 authors to complete the two-volume, 1300-page American Psychological Association Handbook on Sexuality and Psychology.

Each candidate will make her or his presentation at the Maurer School of Law, Moot Court Room (Room 123) from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 25                          Debby Herbenick

Tuesday, April 1                                Dennis Fortenberry

Thursday, April 3                              Sue Carter

Monday, April 7                                Deborah Tolman

The internationally recognized Kinsey Institute is one of IU Bloomington’s most well-known research centers and a true asset to our campus. We hope to see you at the presentations.