I’m seeking students who have an interest in three topics:

1. Sustainability and “reskilling” (i.e. developing practical self-sufficiency skills such as gardening, old craft skills, or “appropriate tech” skills such as building a solar hot water heater), and/or finding a meaningful “green job” or launching a “green business”
2. Building and nourishing community

3. Meditation and Buddhist philosophy re: nature and the environment

Over the next few weeks I’ll be conducting brief “structured conversations” about these topics as part of the testing and design process for a new educational program. The in-person (or, if you’re not currently in Bloomington, phone/Skype) interviews will take 60-75 minutes.

Interested and willing to help? Please contact me at If you’re not personally interested, but know people who might be, would you please forward this to them?

Doug Hanvey
Instructor, CLLC-L100, Meditation, Buddhism & Sustainability
Course Designer, ASCS-Q377, The Art of Meaningful Work