Youth Advocate Leadership and Learning (Y’ALL)

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Youth Advocating Leadership and Learning (Y’ALL) is a student volunteer organization at Indiana University. Started in response to Hurricane Katrina, Y’ALL has since made a commitment of two 1-week trips a year (Spring and Winter break) to the Gulf coast, contributing thousands of dollars in volunteer labor directly to survivors and their communities.


We are excited to start recruitment for our 2014-2015 Executive Board, and invite you to apply. This is a great time to get involved on a higher level, as the organization is going through a full makeover. We need your ideas, leadership and passion for the mission of Youth Advocating Leadership and Learning (Y’ALL) to realize these efforts! The application will be open through August 29 at 7:00pm and we are looking to fill spots on both our Executive Board and Trip Planner Committee. You will find both applications attached. Please fill out the application and email it back to


Please reach out with any questions or input you might have. Also visit our Facebook page Thank you so much for making Y’ALL what it is, and we look forward to this year!




The Y’ALL Executive Board