ScienceFest – October 25!

There has been a yearly Science Open House hosted by IU Physics for many years, and more recently they have been joined by other science departments. This year the Department of Biology is getting in on the fun.

Saturday, October 25, 9:00am-3:00pm

Visit for details

This is a great opportunity for kids and adults to engage in fun and interesting science activities.

Biology will host several activities in Jordan Hall including:

– A Day at the Movies! –clips from Plants in Motion and the Ordinary Extraordinary Junco.

– Have you even seen a Banana Tree? They don’t look like what you’d expect! Visit the Jordan Hall Greenhouse to see.

– Did you know that some bacteria light up? Experiment with bacteria and watch them glow!

– Why can’t we fly like birds?  Come see bird skins and look at bird wings and bones and you will know the answer.

– Plants can’t walk but their seeds move! Explore how plants move their seeds and build some seed movers of your own.

– Have you ever pet a snake?  We have a bald python that is really friendly!

– Have you ever wondered what plants, animals, bacteria and fungi look like up close? We will have microscopes for you to look through and see them 50-400 times bigger than they really are.

– Come see the skulls of all kinds of animals and see if you can identify them.

– Animals change over time, experiment with lizard models to explore one way evolution happens.