Undergraduate Intra-IU Debate Tournament

The competitive IU Debate team will be hosting our 3rd annual Intra-IU debate tournament for Indiana University undergraduates on Wednesday November 5th, 2014 from 5 PM to 10 PM. Participants will be guaranteed three debate rounds on either side of the topic. Dinner will be served and students will have the chance to win awards as well as IU gear purchased from the IMU Bookstore. The cost to competitors is free. The topic for this year is in partnership with the College’s Themester on “Eat, Drink, Think,” Resolved: Indiana students should be vegan.
Students will be assigned either pro or con each round and they will debate against one other team in the pool of participants. Through preparation and participation students will learn all sides of the controversy, including the ethical, policy, economics, health, and/or cultural implications of consumption of meat and animal byproduct. 
Please note that the event is a low stress affair where students can work on their public speaking, argumentation, research and public advocacy skills. The IU debate program will provide an introductory research packet on the topic this October 15th as well as workshops from now until November 4th for students who want to participate. 
For more information see www.iub.edu/~iudebate/intra.shtml.

The IU debate program is sponsored by The School of Public and Environmental Affairs, The College of A&S and The Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.