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Job Description
Our Research and Development Summer Intern program provides an opportunity for students to work closely
with senior scientists in order to improve technical skills while being given a developmental opportunity in an
industrial setting. It is desirable that the intern have past practical experience in handling chemicals, operating
laboratory equipment, generating and manipulating data, as well as computer database and word-processing
skills. Interns are encouraged to be creative and take initiative, where appropriate, and will be granted significant
latitude for discretionary decisions and independence of action within guidelines established by their supervisor.
Interns are expected to always operate in a safe and efficient manner.
Qualified interns should be pursuing a BS or MS degree in biology, chemistry, informatics, or closely related
majors. Interns will be part of a team responsible for the development of novel agricultural products. Strong
interpersonal, communication, organizational, teamwork and time management skills are essential. Foreign
students are encouraged to apply, however, they MUST be attending a U.S. university or college as the school is
the sponsor for them to work in the U.S.

Contact Information
To apply for an R&D internship at Dow AgroSciences, see the link below. Applications will be accepted between
August 1 and November 1, 2014 for the 2015 summer program. Questions:
Apply here:
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Dow AgroSciences is searching for the best and brightest students who are interested in R&D summer internship opportunities.
These are full-time positions available from May until August at our headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Applicable majors would include:

• Biology
• Chemistry
• Informatics
• Other agriculture-related majors
About Us
We provide a variety of products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our research with strategic
partners is bringing breakthrough and sustainable solutions to the industry such as:
• Innovative Hybrids and Seed Varieties
• Vegetation Management Solutions
• Crop-enhancing Traits
• Residential Pest Control
• Crop Protection Products
• Turf and Ornamental
• Post-harvest Commodity Protection
• Healthy Oils

Well-positioned for future growth. You’re working on your education. Now it’s time to work on your career. An internship with Dow AgroSciences lets you learn from a global leader through real-world, hands-on experience, focused on your interests, with targeted training from experts in the field. Learn from our team.

Q: Will I be involved in activities outside of my research project? A: Most definitely! You will participate in group meetings and have opportunities to attend various other meetings and events. Safety is a top priority, so a safety orientation and monthly safety meetings are on the agenda. You may also have the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions with company group leaders, executives, and/or fellow scientists to get a feel for what Dow AgroSciences is all about. We also plan social gatherings, based upon the interest of the interns.

Q: What can I expect? A: The R&D intern program provides an opportunity for students to work closely with a senior scientist in order to improve technical skills while being given a developmental opportunity in an industrial setting. You will be required to present a poster to an audience of R&D employees summarizing the research you conducted during your internship. In addition, since you will be part of a research team, you may be asked to present at a team/group meeting. These are great opportunities to polish your public speaking skills in a non-threatening environment. Our interns will be expected to work independently, as well as in a team environment, for maximum productivity. Throughout the 10-12 weeks, participants will be given coaching and feedback to learn, grow and develop expertise. This program can be a tremendous opportunity in a college student’s learning journey!

Q: How do I apply? A: Apply online at

More information is provided on our website:

We look forward to hearing from you!