M460: Microbial Evolution – still open for Spring 2015!

We are absolutely thrilled that the Microbiology program will once more offer M460: Microbial Evolution.  This course will be taught in Spring 2015, and we encourage our students who’ve had M250: Microbiology to sign up for M460.  Please note, however, that students who have not taken M250 may still take the course with the instructor’s permission.  

The course will be taught by Dr. Jeffrey Palmer (
http://www.bio.indiana.edu/faculty/directory/profile.php?person=jpalmer), who is extremely excited to teach the class.  Microbial Evolution covers the ongoing revolution in our understanding of the evolution, diversity, and the importance of microbial life on earth.  The class will touch on the evolution of parasites and pathogens and viruses, antibiotic resistance, symbiosis, the human microbiome, horizontal gene transfer and the tree of life.

In other words, this is going to be a very, very cool course.  This content will be of interest to anyone interested in health professions, in research, in environmental and ecological research, and in biotechnology.