Microbial Ecology (BIOL L472) “From Genes to Ecosystems” – a cool class!

Spring 2015: T/Th, 2:30 – 3:45; Prereq: Sophomore standing

In addition to lectures, there are small group discussion of the primary literature, team projects where students create a wiki entry for a microbe that they “adopt”. There is also a class project where students create bioreactors to test questions about microbial stability. They also talk about fermentation and get to samples some microbially inspired (non alcoholic) beverages.

Some of the topics covered:

• Biodiversity of the microbial world
• Global climate change: microbes matter!
• The human microbiome: beneficial bacteria
• Evolution: from geologic time to the contemporary
• “Micromanaging” bacteria with ecological principles

This class is an upper-level lecture for Microbiology AND Biology majors!