Need a lab class? Try BIOL-M 465 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory!

Still need an upper-level lab class?  Try BIOL M465!
M465 is an environmental microbiology laboratory — this means you explore the wonderful world of microbiology in the natural environment.  This year, the students in M465 will be investigating the drosophila microbiome.  They will learn to isolate, identify, and characterize bacteria associated with the drosophila and in addition, perform their own experiments in that system.
If you’re interested in the human microbiome (and who isn’t these days!), in ecology, in microbiology, or in entomology, this is a class you may want to check out.
Here’s a YouTube link to a microbiome video for those that aren’t familiar with it:
Prerequisites are BIOL M250, M315 (or M255), or permission of the instructor, Dr. Irene Newton.