Altruism – the Best Human Trait? Spring 2015 GLLC-G220

Altruism – the Best Human Trait?
Spring 2015
GLLC-G220 (33423)
GenEd S&H, CASE S&H, and CASE GCC credit
Global Village – Foster-Martin 012A

IU Service-Learning Course

Mon/Wed 02:30-03:45pm

Instructor: Eli Konwest (

What do we mean when we use the word altruism or altruist?
Can animals be altruists?
Does altruism look the same globally or in the past?
Can ‘true’ altruism even exist?
In this course, we will be investigating the concept of altruism from many different points of view, including the sciences and humanities. We will look at the evolution of altruism in our human ancestors and how different modern cultures from across the world think about altruism. Students will partner with Bloomington area volunteer organizations to conduct service-learning projects; several of the course assignments will be based on these experiences. No prior knowledge of these topics is necessary to take this course!