Honors thesis students – turn in a thesis agreement!

Are you doing independent lab research with an IUB faculty member?

Are you planning on using the research to write an honors thesis?

Have you filled out an Honors Agreement yet?

Read on!


If you’ve turned in your Honors Agreement form – Great!  Keep on keeping on!


If you plan on turning in your thesis sometime after August 2015 and you haven’t turned in a form yet: Please fill out and turn in the Biology Departmental Honors Agreement form ASAP, but no later than the beginning of the semester before your graduating semester.  In other words, if you’re graduating in May, turn in the  agreement form at LEAST by the August-September before you graduate.


Keep in mind – your thesis committee must meet with you in the semester before your turn in your thesis, so plan ahead!


You can get the Honors Agreement form on the BioBlog: https://hoosierbiology.wordpress.com/




If you planned on turning in your thesis in August 2015 or earlier and you haven’t turned in a form, see a Biology advisor ASAP


Questions? Email bioadv AT indiana DOT edu.