Want to add a course to spring 2015? Consider a career course!

ASCS-Q299: College to Career III: Marketing Yourself for the Job & Internship Search

2 Credits | 8 Weeks | Open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors; ASCS-Q294 is recommended prerequisite but not required.

Whether you’re trying to secure an internship or your first full-time post-grad position, this class can help. You will learn how to:

  • Craft a targeted resume that will capture the attention of recruiters and employers
  • Use your cover letter as a tool that expands on your resume rather than summarizes it
  • Enter into interview situations with a firm understanding of what the employer is looking for
  • Effectively locate and build a professional network of individuals who will help you learn more about different occupations and job opportunities
  • Prepare for a smooth transition from college to postgraduate life

ASCS-Q377: The Art of Meaningful Work

3 Credits | 16 Weeks | Open to juniors and seniors who have NOT taken ASCS-Q294

Each of us wants to serve the world in our own unique way. In this course we will examine the idea that each of us has a “calling” or unique gift to bring to the world. We will ask questions such as:

  • What kind of world do I want to live in?
  • What are the personal gifts that I can bring into my work, and to others?
  • What moves me to want to act?


Through experiential, individual, and group exercises, you will be challenged to subjectively explore personal issues of meaning and spirituality to discover your strengths, values, and passions. You’ll also explore topics such as the economic context of work, the environmental crisis and work, and the idea of “right livelihood.” The discussion component of this class will be emphasized, and you will be asked to dig deep in order to develop a unique philosophy of meaningful work, and to discover the calling to which you are led.