Spring 2015 – welcome back! Also, important reminders!

It’s spring semester, Animal Behavior, Biology, and Microbiology majors! Welcome back.



Appointments are available with all four biology advisors – Libby Tilghman, Danielle Murry-Knowles, Mary Ann Miller, and Anna Bednarski. You can make an appointment via the Starnet scheduling system. You are welcome to see any one of us.




Remember that this week is schedule adjustment week. Check your schedules and monitor your waitlist requests. Attend all waitlisted classes, and let the professor know you’re there! The waitlist will switch off this Thursday, January 15. After that time, your waitlist request will not be fulfilled. For more information about waitlisting, go to http://studentcentral.indiana.edu/register/register-classes/manage-schedule/waitlist.shtml#before-you-waitlist.


After Thursday, if you want to get into a class, you must speak to the professor. However, the professor might not have an option to allow you to join the class (room size, class cap, or other factors might prevent it). Go to http://enrollmentbulletin.indiana.edu/pages/reglate.php?Term=2#reglateapp for complete instructions on how to do this.




  • If you cannot get into a preferred class and you want advice on selecting different classes, please make an appointment with an advisor.
  • If you have questions about the mechanics of class scheduling (waitlists, section changes, etc.), rather than contacting an advisor, it is usually more helpful to contact the REGISTRAR for information and assistance. You can visit the Registrar in person at Student Central on Union or call the registration helpline at 812-855-0121.
  • If the registration system indicates that you cannot register for a class due to prerequisite issues, you should contact THE ADVISING OFFICE OF THE DEPARTMENT OFFERING THE CLASS for more information regarding the blocked class. This advice is particularly important for physics and chemistry classes! Our office does not maintain the prerequisite checks and enrollment blocks for these classes—their departments do. For Chemistry class prerequisite issues, send an email to chempreq@indiana.edu.




  • Check your schedule on OneStart. Your class times and locations may have changed, so you want to know where they are! Also, do a final check to see which classes in which you’re actually enrolled, and which ones are on a waitlist.
  • Make sure your OneStart schedule says you’re enrolled in 12-18 hours, if you plan to be a full-time student. If you’re not full time, you could have issues with financial aid and scholarships, among other things.
  • Attend all classes, including waitlisted ones that you hope to add. This way, if your waitlist request works, you won’t be behind in any classes.
  • The final waitlist will run on Thursday, January 15. If your waitlist request has not been fulfilled by that time, your request will not be fulfilled, because the waitlist will cease to function.
  • You can adjust your class schedule (without receiving a W on your transcript for dropped classes) until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 18. If you want to drop or add a class and you aren’t sure what to do, make an appointment with an academic advisor. If you aren’t sure how to use the registration system, visit the Registrar in Student Central on Union, or call them at 812-855-0121.
  • Beginning on Monday, January 19, you can still drop classes with a grade of W via eDrop on Onestart (until the Automatic W deadline). To add a class beginning January 19, you must obtain instructor permission. However, your instructor might not be able to add you to the class for several reasons (especially room size or lab capacity). If the instructor says yes, you can add the class via eAdd on Onestart.
  • For more information, see the Drop/Add information from Student Central.
  • For a complete calendar of registration-related dates, go to http://registrar.indiana.edu/official-calendar/official-calendar-spring.shtml?topic=AWD&sess=ALL and select your desired deadline in the drop-down menu.




Classes do NOT meet next Monday, January 19, which is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. University administrative offices, including the Biology advising office, are also closed on that day.



Have a great first week!


Libby, Anna, Danielle, and Mary Ann (the Biology advisors)