Undergraduate research position available in EvoDevo

Greetings, I am postdoc in the Moczek Lab. Our focus is on evolutionary developmental biology, using insects (especially beetles) as study organisms. I am seeking an undergraduate research assistant to help with a project that involves photo documentation of my beetles that have been experimentally manipulated in a variety of ways. If I find a suitable undergraduate for the position, there would be future opportunities for the researcher to participate in molecular aspects of the project. We would be able to compensate $9/hr for the work, and the undergrad would ideally work no fewer than 10 hrs a week. I would be interested in hiring any undergraduate that is diligent with great attention to detail and great record-keeping skills, but would be particularly interested in encouraging women and minorities for the position.


To apply: send a brief cover email with attached resume plus contact information for two references to,


crisledo AT indiana DOT edu


Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


Best wishes,

Cristina Ledón-Rettig