REMINDER: Biology scholarship applications are now open!

Dear Department of Biology Undergraduates,


It’s not too late to request a drop box so you can apply for Department of Biology Scholarships. The deadline for scholarship applications is Monday, February 9, so please send me your drop box requests for yourself and your mentor as soon as possible. My previous message provides additional details.






Dear Students:


Undergraduates earning a major through the IUB Department of Biology are invited to apply for 2015 Scholarships and Awards. The following awards are being offered this year:


Aldred Family Scholarship ─ $1,000 (

Biology Undergraduate Research Award ─ $1,500  (

Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship ─ $500  (

Clark (Howard W. ) Scholarship ─ $750  (

Crowell (Sears) Scholarship for undergraduates ─ $1,000 (

Eigenmann (Carl H. ) Scholarship ─ $750  (

Ferguson (Arlene ) Internship at Hilltop Gardens ─ $500  (

Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award ─ $500  (

Grossman (Rex ) Award ─ up to $5,000 (

Indiana Daffodil Society Scholarship ─ $1,000  (

McClung (L.S. ) Scholarship ─ $3,000  (

Microbiology Undergraduate Summer Research Award ─ $3,000  (

Mower (Alfred Parson ) Award for undergraduates ─ $500  (

Roessler (Wm. G.) Scholarship ─ $1,000 (

Seward (Fred) Award  ─ $1,000 (


Note that a new $3,000 Barwe/Rexing Scholarship has been established. This award is by invitation only and is intended for first year College of Arts and Sciences direct admit students who have a declared major from the IUB Department of Biology. Information on the award can be found here: Eligible students will be contacted individually.


Check the department’s “Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships” Web page ( for the  requirements for each award and the application instructions. Students can also obtain the required 2015 application form there.


The application deadline for the above named awards is Monday, February 9, 2015.  Please contact me at kwyss AT indiana DOT edu if you have any questions.


All my best,




Kathy E. Wyss, Development Officer

Department of Biology, Indiana University

1001 E. Third Street/Jordan Hall 120, Bloomington, IN  47405