CANCELLED – Prenursing Panel Discussion: Discovering New Paths

HPPLC regrets to announce it is cancelling the prenursing panel discussion that had been scheduled for tomorrow (2/25/15). It will be rescheduled and re-announced in the future.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Ballantine Hall 204

Both current and former prenursing students face challenging questions and decisions when considering alternate paths, often asking themselves:

–What if I still want to be a nurse but IUB Nursing is too competitive?
–What if I no longer want to be a nurse? – what should I do?
–What if I have been prenursing but just don’t know what I want anymore?
–What if I want to work in healthcare but just not nursing?
–What have other prenursing students done?

This panel discussion will be helpful for anyone who has asked herself or himself any of the above questions; those who were once prenursing but are looking for alternate degree or career ideas, those who are still considering nursing but looking for alternative ways to pursue the profession, and those who are simply unsure one way or the other what path is best for them.

Please direct questions about this event to the Health Professions and Prelaw Center, 812-855-1873,