Making advising appointments for Fall 2015 enrollment

Beginning March 25, the Biology Undergraduate Advising Office starts advising students for Fall 2015 course scheduling. There are so many students wanting appointments that we must reserve specific advising appointment times for students based on their Fall 2015 registration date.


To find your Fall 2015 registration date, check the Student Center in OneStart.


(If the registration date listed in OneStart is prior to April 7, you are looking at your Summer 2015 registration date! Click “details” in OneStart, click “Change Term,” and select your Fall 2015 registration date.)


PLEASE NOTE: Unless you have an advising hold in OneStart, it is not REQUIRED to see an advisor prior to registering (although we highly recommend it). If you do wish to make an appointment with a Biology advisor, please follow the appointment schedule below.


Appointment Schedule:

  • March 25 and beyond: advising appointments for biology students with registration dates of April 7 – April 8
  • March 30 and beyond: advising appointments for biology students with registration dates of April 9 – April 15
  • April 6 and beyond: advising appointments for biology students with registration dates of April 16 – April 23
  • April 20 and beyond: advising appointments for all students, including non-biology majors


Students who schedule an advising appointment before their designated date will have their appointments canceled.


All advising appointments MUST be scheduled via Starnet’s online schedule appointment system.


The undergraduate advising office is in Jordan Hall A115. The Biology advisors are:


  • Libby Tilghman (etilghma)
  • Danielle Murry-Knowles (dsmurry)
  • Mary Ann Miller (mamiller)
  • Anna Bednarski (abednars)


We do not assign students to any specific advisor, so feel free to choose the advisor whose schedule best works for you. If you are unable to meet with an advisor prior to your registration date, make sure to register for your courses on time, then see an advisor as soon as possible.



Things you can do to prepare to register


– Check whether you have any “holds” in OneStart. Click on each hold for more details; some holds prevent you from registering, and some do not. If there are any barriers that will keep you from registering, clear those up now!


– Make an appointment with an advisor in StarNet, if you wish. Instructions are above.


– Check your registration date in OneStart.


– To see which courses you still need, check your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) in OneStart:  Student Center > My Academics and Grades > View My Advisement Report, and refer to the AAR as you fill out a degree checksheet. Degree checksheets are here:


– Choose classes, and fill your OneStart shopping cart so you’re ready when your registration date arrives!


Helpful resources


Schedule of Classes: The Fall 2015 Schedule of Classes will be published at on Wednesday, March 25, by midnight.


Biology lectures and labs: The recently-updated comprehensive list is on our BioBlog: You’ll see which lectures and labs are offered in Fall 2015 when the Schedule of Classes comes out on March 25.


Biology Course Descriptions:



Questions? Email


We look forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile, have a relaxing and fun spring break!


Libby, Danielle, Mary Ann, and Anna

The Biology advisors