Consider taking BIOL-L 474 lab in Summer 2015!

Animal Behavior B.S. and Biology B.A./B.S. majors: Do you need another upper-level lab? Consider taking BIOL-L 474 in Summer 2015!

Biology L474 (Field Ecology) provides a truly unique laboratory experience, allowing students to learn about key ecological topics through hands-on data collection and analysis in the field.  During the course, we touch on population and community ecology, invasive species, biodiversity, and conservation, all while immersing ourselves in the natural world and enjoying the beauty that summer in Bloomington has to offer. Students consistently complete the course with not only stronger scientific writing and analytical skills, but also as more confident and knowledgeable caretakers of  the ecosystems in which we live.  While completion of the ecology lecture (L473) can be helpful, the vast majority of students who excel in L474 have not yet taken L473.