Lynch lab is looking for undergrad researcher

The Lynch lab needs one or two undergrad researchers, starting immediately (this summer, right now). The general intellectual field can be thought of as either mechanisms of  evolution, or as pretty straight-forward microbiology. See our web page ( for a broader view of what we do.

Students will start by preparing media, autoclaving, and feeding Paramecium (really!)—training provided. This is work we pay for, after a training period. It is easy, but requires lots of reliability and responsibility, working in a busy lab environment, etc. There is plenty of opportunity for growth into research for credit, and senior thesis projects.

Please email me if interested; include a CV. Preference will be shown for students who can be around some over holidays, and are in Bloomington over most of the summer: Paramecium rest for no one!

Tom Doak

tdoak at indiana . edu