Some of your classmates’ all-time favorite IU classes

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Just for fun, the Biology advisors have started an informal survey in our office:

What is your all-time favorite class at IU so far (with professor name, if you remember)?

If you like, stop by Jordan A 115 and fill out a white slip with your own recommendation!

Here are the answers we’ve gotten so far (in alphabetical order). You might want to consider taking one of these! (Be sure to check whether you have the prerequisites before enrolling.) We’ll try to update this list on the blog every now and then.

AMST-A 399Advanced Topics in Social and Historical Studies for American Studies with topic: Rock, Hip-Hop, and Revolution, with Michael McGerr

ANTH-B 200 Bioanthropology

Biochemistry with Jill Patterson [sorry, we can’t figure out which class number the person meant, but they said Prof. Patterson makes the class super interesting]

BIOL-L 111 Foundations of Biology: Diversity, Evolution, Ecology with Spencer…

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