IDS Opinion Columnists Wanted

The Indiana Daily Student is currently looking for weekly Opinion Columnists for the spring semester. We’re looking for a group of columnists with varied interests and opinions which reflects the multitude of students at IU, especially students who love science.

As a science writer, you’ll be able to communicate all the important things about science (technical detail, precision, conclusions, numbers, etc.) in an accurate way the general public can understand and appreciate. As a bridge between scientific professionals and non-scientists, you could write about scientific concepts, controversies/issues in science, why science is important, exciting news, or anything else much like Scientific American, Nova, or Discovery Channel do.

A column is a weekly commitment (with the opportunity to contribute to and write editorials).

It is a paid position ($10 per column/editorial) and great experience. It’s a fairly small time commitment as well.

We need more writers as soon as possible. The application is attached and due before the end of the week if possible. If you have any questions feel free to email