2016 Summer Internship in Sustainability

The IU Office of Sustainability is now accepting applications for the

 2016 Summer Internship Program in Sustainability

 Application deadline for all materials is 11:59 pm on Sunday, Feb. 14; we strongly encourage you to login here by Feb. 7 to send your recommendation request.

Visit sustain.indiana.edu for more information.


The Internship in Sustainability utilizes campus as a learning lab, enlisting students as researchers in investigating important questions facing our community, such as: How do the ways our campus operates and consumes resources effect the social, environmental and economic well being of our community? How is our campus impact connected to more complicated global issues like climate change, resource scarcity and poverty? What opportunities do we have as individuals, institutions, communities, and governments to increase collective social, economic and environmental health, and how do we best communicate these opportunities? And many more.

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