IUB Department of Biology 2016 Scholarships and Awards

Undergraduates earning a major through the IUB Department of Biology are invited to apply for 2016 Scholarships and Awards. The following awards are being offered this year:

Aldred Family Scholarship ─ $1,000 (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/aldred.shtml)

Biology Undergraduate Research Award ─ $1,500  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/biology.shtml)

Blatchley Nature Study Club Scholarship ─ $500  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/blatchley.shtml)

Clark (Howard W. ) Scholarship ─ $750  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/clark.shtml)

Crowell (Sears) Scholarship for undergraduates ─ $1,000 (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/crowell.shtml)

Eigenmann (Carl H. ) Scholarship ─ $750  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/eigenmann.shtml)

Ferguson (Arlene ) Internship at Hilltop Gardens ─ $500  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/ferguson.shtml)

Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award ─ $500  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/fox_glen.shtml)

Frey (Sarah Elizabeth) Indiana Daffodil, Inc. Scholarship ─ $1,000  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/daffodil.shtml)

Grossman (Rex ) Award ─ up to $5,000 (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/grossman.shtml)

McClung (L.S. ) Scholarship ─ up to $3,000  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/mcclung.shtml)

Microbiology Undergraduate Summer Research Award ─ $3,500  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/microbiology.shtml)

 Mower (Alfred Parson ) Scholarship ─ $1,000  (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/mower.shtml)

 Robinson (Sid) Biology Scholarship ─ $4,000 (by invitation only to direct admit students; award details are still being worked out)

Seward (Fred) Award  ─ $2,500 (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/seward.shtml)     

Tatum (William J.) Award ─ $1,000 (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/tatum.shtml)

Check the department’s “Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships” Web page (http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/awards/index.shtml) for the  requirements for each award and the application instructions. Students can also obtain the required 2016 application form there.

The application deadline for the above named awards is Monday, February 15, 2016.  Please contact Kathy Wyss, Development Officer for the Department of Biology, at kwyss@indiana.edu if you have any questions.