Volunteers needed for June 22 Girls Inc. event in Jordan Hall

Girls Inc. is a local, non-profit organization in Bloomington that helps girls in the community be “strong, smart, and bold.” This summer, Girls Inc. is hosting STEM Week! in conjunction with other IU science departments like physics, chemistry, and computer science. Biology day will be held on Wednesday, June 22, from 10am-4pm. Approximately 12-15 girls ranging from ages 10-16 come to Jordan Hall for a fun day of activities.


This is a great opportunity to teach young girls about your passion for research in biology and emphasize that they could become scientists too. Previous activities have revolved around topics about microbes, disease ecology, plant biology, biodiversity, gel electrophoresis, epigenetics, genetics, and evolution.


We are in need of volunteers to help plan and lead various activities. It is completely fine if you would like to volunteer for either planning and/or facilitating the activities.


Please let me know if you’re interested in volunteering for Girls Inc. STEM Week!


Thank you!


Jessica Tang