Fall 2016 History and Philosophy of Science courses

HPSC-X 111 Ethical Issues in Biological and Medical Sciences (3) Evan Arnet Class # 4268 Regular Academic Session MW 11:15a-12:30p AC C112

Investigation of ethical issues that arise in the biological and medical sciences, the impact of these issues on the behavior of scientists during the conduct of scientific research, and on the role of science in discussions about ethics and public policy. The course will focus on specific cases and debates arising from and within biology and medicine, and in related fields such as ecology or clinical psychology. The course will provide an introduction to critical reasoning in ethics and an overview of major ethical theories. No prior background is required.


HPSC-X138 Science & Religion(3) Ali Mirza Class #28224 Regular Academic Session TR 09:30a-10:45p WH008

The aim of this course is to look at the relation between science and religion (mainly Christianity) from both a historical and a philosophical perspective. It intends to show that the relation between science and religion is extremely complex and impossible to understand with the use of simplistic conceptualizations like ?conservative religion vs. progressive science.? We will examine the relation between natural knowledge and theology during the Middle Ages and see that the latter were not the ?dark? period once thought to be. We will look at the revolutionary developments in both science and religion during the course of the 16th and 17th centuries and examine closely the events that led to Galileo?s trial. Further, we will consider the emergence of Darwin?s theory of evolution and the religious responses to it as well as the complex relation between Evolution, Creationism, and Religion in modern day America.