L474 Field Ecology – summer 6W1

L474 Field Ecology
Summer Session 1, 2016
Field Lab, IU Research and Teaching Preserve
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 – 2:00

Instructor: UTA or AI
Tara Darcy-Hall
Morrison Hall 203

New this year: We will be meeting at a site off of main campus at the Field Lab of the IUTRP. On the first day of class, however, we will initially meet in Jordan Hall 122. On subsequent class dates, a ride to the field lab will be available at 8:15 am at Jordan Hall.

Course Description:
Ecology is the study of interactions between organisms and their biotic and abiotic environments. Ecologists examine these interactions at levels of organization ranging from individuals and populations to communities and ecosystems. L474 provides an introduction to five components of doing ecology: generating testable hypotheses, collecting observational data, designing experiments, analyzing data, and communicating results through scientific writing. By the end of the semester, you will have gained a basic repertoire of skills necessary to conduct independent research in this field. The research and communication skills you will learn in this course are also useful in all other areas of the sciences. A secondary goal of this course is to expose you to a wide array of natural environments in our region of Indiana. Our lab projects will be done at several different sites around the area and will expose you to a broad range of natural habitats including forests, fields, streams, lakes, and caves. This natural history knowledge will be useful for related academic pursuits as well as personal knowledge and a better understanding of the ecology and natural history of the area where you live.
Course Requirements