BIOL-M 465 WILL be offered fall 2016

Attention Microbiology majors:

 BIOL-M 465 Environmental Microbiology Lab WILL be offered fall 2016. It meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00-5:00 pm. BIOL-M465 counts as an upper level lab and carries Intensive Writing credit in fall 2016.

 Some of you may have received an email notification that the course had been canceled. That email was sent in error.

 Please let us know if you have any questions.

 –Danielle, Libby, Mary Ann and Jordan (the Biology advisors)


More seats just opened in COLL-P 155

Some students have had trouble enrolling in COLL-P 155 Public Oral Communication for Fall 2016, because a good number of seats were reserved for incoming new freshmen. Update: The seat restrictions have been adjusted to make more seats available to current students! If you had trouble enrolling in COLL-P 155, you can try again, if you wish. You might have an easier time finding open seats. Some seats are still being held for new incoming freshmen arriving this summer, but more seats are available for YOU!


If you add COLL-P 155 or adjust your schedule in other ways, you may need to pay a schedule adjustment fee, depending on when you initially enrolled for Fall 2016 classes. For information about the schedule adjustment fee, see or contact Student Central on Union.

RSVP by APRIL 20 for the May 2016 Biology and Microbiology Graduation Program and Reception

Attention May and August 2016 Graduates, you are invited to:

May 2016 Biology and Microbiology Graduation Program and Reception


Location: Ballantine Hall 013 & Jordan Hall Atrium

Date: Saturday, May 7th

Time: 3:00-5:00 pm

Invitees: May 2016 Graduates, August 2016 Graduates, December 2016 Graduates, Families/Friends, Faculty & Staff

Additional Information: RSVPs are required. Recognition program in Ballantine Hall 013, at 3:00, refreshments to follow in the Jordan Hall Atrium

Want to RSVP? Please contact:

Alice Eads


We look forward to celebrating with you!

Basketball tournament April 9 – Support Pediatric Cancer research

Did you know that every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer? Did you know 1out of 5 of those kids will not survive? And when a child dies of cancer he loses on average, 70 years of life. Kids should not die at such an early age. As a biology student, you may well pursue a career in research, specifically cancer research. You can make a difference now!  Please, help us raise awareness and funding for Pediatric Cancer research by participating in a 3 on 3 Basketball tournament on April 9. at WIC. Grab 2 friends, print the attached registration form (or go to this link to sign up and let’s help kick childhood cancer… together!