UTAs wanted for Dr. Ragsdale’s BIOL-L 111 section

Attention Biology majors:

I am looking for undergraduate teaching assistants for my BIOL-L111 section this coming Fall 2016. I have two positions available, one for credit and one paid position (to receive pay, you must have been a UTA for credit with Biology before). Joining our instructor team may require some schedule reshuffling of your schedule at this point, but if you are interested or have questions please let me know (email: ragsdale@indiana.edu).


Undergraduates join L111 teaching teams to:

– gain the valuable teaching and work experience,

– consolidate and reinforce core biological principles, and nothing helps you learn like having to teach it, and

– help build a resume for their next career step (especially graduate school and medical school).

Regarding the course itself: we spend a good deal of the course covering core principles of evolution, namely Darwin, Mendel, population genetics, speciation, and phylogenetics. We also discuss a few major transitions in macroevolution, and then cap the course with focus on ecological principles and some specific applications.


What do you do as a UTA?

* You will need to attend lecture, MWF 11:15 am—12:05 pm.

This is important for students beside being a good UTA.


* You will lead a discussion section per week (50 minutes per week).

In discussion, we reinforce concepts from class, but in varying format (problem sets, discussion of a paper, etc.).


* We will have a mandatory weekly TA meeting (50 minutes per week).

We all need to get together to discuss the next week’s topic but also share strategies for effective student engagement, problems that have arisen, etc.


* You will hold office hours once per week for two hours.

Most TAs find that they mostly get their own work done during these times.



If you are interested, please do the following:


(1) Send me a note with a completed UTA application* indicating your interest. I would like to know why you are interested. How does this fit in with your career goals?

* http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/opportunities/teaching/index.shtml


(2) Tell me about any other teaching experience you might have.


(3) Tell me how you are doing in your other science classes (grades, GPA, etc.)


(4) Who can I ask about you that knows you? For example, an L111 teaching assistant or instructor?


(5) Are you interested for credit or pay?

– If this is your first time teaching for Biology, you can receive course credit (X371, 3 credits, graded S/F)

– If you have received an A- or better in L499, or S for the new course X371, in a previous teaching assignment, you may get paid.

(more here: http://www.bio.indiana.edu/undergraduate/opportunities/teaching/#courses)


(6) Please double-check that you qualify:

– You will be a junior or senior next Fall.

– You received an A- or better in L111 and have an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher.





Dr. Erik Ragsdale