If you haven’t started your foreign language yet: Consider an African language!

African Languages at Indiana University

The African languages offered at IU are noted for their competent, caring instructors and engaging class formats. Does the thought of studying the same language you had in high school leave you unenthused? Animal Behavior, Biology, and Microbiology majors who haven’t started their foreign language yet should consider studying an African language to fulfill that requirement! (Be sure to consult a Biology advisor if you are not sure of the status of your foreign language requirement in your degree.)

Start an African Language this fall:


Akan (LING-K 101)

Bamana (LING-B 101)

Swahili (LING-S 101)

Wolof (LING-X 101)

Yoruba (LING-Y 101)

Zulu (LING-Z 101)


  • Study Abroad opportunities
  • Fulfill Indiana University foreign language requirement
  • Count towards Certificate in African Studies
  • Count towards Undergraduate African Language Minor


For more information, please contact the African Language Coordinator, Alwiya S. Omar (aomar@indiana.edu) 812 855 3323.