Biochemistry courses approved for Biology B.S. concentration Biology of Disease!

Students pursuing the Biology B.S. degree can declare an optional Area of Concentration if they wish.


The Biology faculty recently approved CHEM-C 383 Human Biochemistry and CHEM-C 483 Biological Chemistry to count in the Biology B.S. Area of Concentration Biology of Disease! You can count only one of these courses, because they are duplicates of each other in terms of earning credit hours. So only one of these, not both, would count in the Area of Concentration.


For pre-med students and others who were tempted to declare the Biology of Disease concentration but didn’t do it, because biochemistry didn’t count – it counts now!


You must schedule an advising appointment if you wish to declare the Biology of Disease concentration for your Biology B.S. degree. We are currently in peak advising season (as you know from our October 11 email to all our majors), so if you have already received advising for Spring 2017, please wait until November 14 or later to schedule an appointment to talk about this. If you have not yet come in for advising, you can mention this at your upcoming appointment.