New Medical Sciences courses for Spring 2017!

Medical Sciences courses to be offered this spring!  Descriptions and contact info is below.  Both courses count towards the Medical Sciences Minor:



BIOL-M375 & MSCI-M375 Parasitology. This lecture with lab course is recommended for Microbiology majors and Medical Sciences minors. It is both a basic introduction to parasitology and a survey of human parasitic diseases. The lab component emphasizes light microscopy and molecular techniques. This course received excellent evaluations last spring, with all students stating that would recommend it.

Pre-requisites: BIOL-L111 & L112


Spring 2017 4 credits Lecture MW 8-8:50am plus one weekly one hour podcast; Lab F 8-10:50am Instructor: David C. Matlack, DVM (



M300 Human Embryology, 3.0 credits

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1:25 – 2:15pm

This course is an exploration of embryonic and fetal anatomy and the selected molecular events that govern human development. Abnormal processes will highlight the complexity and intricacies that arise during gestation. The course will begin with a temporal introduction from weeks one through eight of development followed by a systems-based review of organ formation. A final research paper will provide students the opportunity to investigate a congenital anomaly and communicate their findings. Pre-requisite: A215 Basic Human Anatomy or M115 Intro to Anatomy and Physiology with a ‘B’ or better, or by permission from the instructor

Instructor: Barbie Klein Email: