Wondering where your BIOL exemption exam credit is?

If you took the Biology Department exemption exam in Summer 2016 to try to earn test credit for BIOL-L 111 and/or BIOL-L 112: Some students’ exemption test credit is not yet posted to their IU academic records. The office that handles posting the credit is working on it! Don’t worry – it will happen.

FYI, a score of 24 or higher is needed in order to receive test credit for that particular component. So a student who scored a 23 on the BIOL-L 111 component and a 27 on the BIOL-L 112 component will earn test credit for BIOL-E 112 but not for BIOL-E 111.

If you have specific questions about this, please email the Biology advisors at bioadv@indiana.edu. Otherwise, don’t worry – your test credit is coming!