Check out this 2nd eight week course: Politics of Gender and Sexuality in the Islamic World, GLLC-G220/CEUS, MW 2:30-4:45 PM

GLLC-G 220 (35783) Global Village Colloquium, Topic: Politics of Gender and Sexuality in the Islamic World (3 cr.) (GLLC/CEUS, GenEd S&H; CASE S&H, CASE GCC) Onur-Cifci, A.; MW 02:30P–04:45P; FQ 012A

This course takes gender and sexuality as a lens through which we will examine Muslim societies and their ways of living Islam in a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary perspective.  Certain kinds of gender and sexual practices of Muslim societies such as the veil, seclusion of women in the domestic sphere, polygamy, homosocialism etc., have become the markers that portray the Islamic world fundamentally different from Western societies, and Muslims as “exotic,” “backward,” “uncivilized,” and even “threatening” people.  This course provides selected case studies from various Muslim societies in order to have a thorough and most current understanding of the sophistication of Muslim culture and thinking beyond such widespread stereotypes.  Besides others, our discussions will largely focus on the most central hotspots of the Islamic world: masculinity and transsexuality in Iran, homosocialism and homoeroticism in Afghanistan, high-tech reproductive technologies in Egypt, female genital mutilation in Somalia, gender multiplicity among Omani and Indian Muslims, transgender prayer houses in Indonesia, cross-dresser dancers in Turkey, and the rising honor killings and veiling among western Muslims.

Note: This course is held during the 2nd Eight-Week session, and will begin on March 6, 2017.