Summer Research Position for credit or volunteer

The Hurley lab (Biology Department) is broadly interested in animal behavior and the role that the neurotransmitter serotonin plays in behavioral interactions. We are currently looking for students interested in gaining research experience this summer. Students will be supervised by Kelly Ronald, a new postdoc in the lab, on a behavioral study that includes presenting male mice with female olfactory and auditory cues to try to understand how these multimodal signals combine to influence male mouse behavior. Students will gain experience with animal handling/restraint, conducting behavioral experiments, and analyzing behavioral videos and acoustic recordings. Students have the option to take this for research credit or as a volunteer, but will be expected to complete 3-4 research hours per week and attend a weekly lab meeting. Exemplar students interested to continue work in the lab, or develop an independent project, will have the option to continue their work throughout the semester. Please contact Kelly Ronald ( to express interest or for more information.