Need a good elective for Fall 2017? Consider MSCH-S 451 Media and the Environment

MSCH S451  Topical Seminar in MEDIA and SOCIETY: Media and the Environment

Be sure to choose Section # 32792

Days and Times:        Tues. 05:30 PM – 08:00 PM


This course examines how environmental issues are portrayed in the mass media, and the effect of those portrayals. The history of environmentalism in the media is discussed, along with social science research on how media are used for environmental purposes. Environmental campaigns are studied. Environmentalism as a public opinion phenomenon is examined. Students have the opportunity to create environmentally-focused media in field settings. [This course does not count as a lecture or lab in the Biology, Microbiology, or Animal Behavior degree. It is an elective that provides 300/400-level hours.]