Great Statistics Course this Summer (6W1)

The IUB Department of Statistics is offering a summer section of STAT-S 303 Statistics for the Life Sciences during the First Six Weeks. Dr. Valdivia is an excellent instructor, and students report benefiting greatly from this class.


STAT-S 303

Statistics for the Life Sciences

Class Number 7632


10:20 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. MTWR

BH 304

P: MATH-M 14 or equivalent

COLL (CASE) N&M Breadth of Inquiry credit


Here is the course description:

Students taking this course will gain an understanding of basic statistical methodology and have the ability to apply basic statistical procedures to research.  Specifically, students will learn to: understand the meaning and use of statistical terminology, acquire an introductory level understanding of probability; generate, present, and interpret descriptive statistics as well as inferential statistics, and use the statistical software R for basic analysis tasks and to generate reproducible reports.  The examples and exercises are motivated by data arising in the life sciences, and while any student might benefit from them, students in Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Human Biology, Physics, Astronomy, and Environmental Science may find these examples particularly engaging.

Given the challenges of a 6-week fast-paced course, a stronger emphasis is made to provide more exercises and activities during class.  Similarly, the use of statistical software (including installation and tutorial) will be done in class.


Please contact the course instructor if you have any questions or concerns:

Arturo Valdivia

Faculty and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Statistics

Indiana University Bloomington

Phone: (812) 856-7826